Navigate. Live. Events.

The leading navigation and location-based communication software for event hosts and attendees.


How it works

MeetBall uses GPS and compass technology to help you navigate events while sharing and building live experiences within communities.

Event Creation

Meetball makes it easy for organizers to manage and share event information. Attendees can spend less time searching and more time creating memories.

Build Community

Join existing communities of like-minded people or create your own group of family and friends. Meetball brings people together and creates personalized communities.

Navigate The Crowd

The Meetball compass is the perfect tool for navigating large venues or small crowded places where it's difficult to find the people and places you're looking for.

Who it's for

Meetball is a scalable platform providing solutions for events and groups, both big and small.


Share Locations

A simple and enjoyable way to share locations and navigate to the people and communities you care about.

Creating Groups

Create your own personalized communities of friends, family, or other like-minded folks.

Navigate Venues

Find your way to popular points of interest such as ATMs, parking, concessions, or merchandise.

Join The #Conversation

Multi-platform social content allows you to stay part of the conversation within your event community.

Event Maps

Easily create custom event maps that guide your attendees to all the right places and attractions.


Organize your attendees into segmented groups to personalize event and brand communication.

Revenue Generation

Proximity-based marketing and sponsored pins provide a new digital advertising channel.


Custom links with event details amplify your event via social media, web, email, and text messaging.

How to begin

Download the app to see how easy it is to share locations and navigate communities. Event hosts can sign up for convenient event management services.

The App

The free app is now available for iOS and Android.



Due to popular demand, Manager will launch Q1 2016.

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Our dedicated venue manager app is coming soon.


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