Dating stanley tools

dating stanley tools

How do you date a Stanley Sweetheart?

This is the first of the sweetheart marks– Note that the heart extends into the rectangle. Assuming Stanley used approximately the same marks on all of their tools, this mark can be accurately dated to the first few years of the SW era. This is an inked mark, and is always found on the side of the bar near the non-point end.

What makes every Stanley Tool different?

Every STANLEY tool is created to help you work better, smarter, faster. Our discovery teams work side-by-side real tradespeople to see how they work and identify ways to help improve their performance. This means that our tools come with something special - understanding.

Are there any examples of Stanley’s trademarks?

The following reference guide provides examples of Stanley’s trademark stamps from 1872 to the present. It is by no means comprehensive or complete, but this covers the main trademarks. There were often variations used on block planes and other tools.

Why choose Stanley?

For over 170 years, STANLEY has been responsible for unlocking new levels of user performance through creating some of the most useful tools ever made inlcuding the Bailey® Plane, the Surform® shaper, the PowerLock® tape rule, and most recently, the FatMax™ line of products.

What is the meaning of the Stanley Sweetheart logo?

The sweetheart logo was a result of the merger of the Stanley Rule and Level Company and Stanley Toolworks (there used to be two Stanley companies) and it was a merging of their two logos, with the heart being a memorial to the Stanley Works president William Hart.

Whats so special about the Stanley Sweetheart planes?

There was really nothing especially special about the sweetheart stuff, as they werent a specific line of planes but indicative of a logo that Stanley used in a date range.

What is a Stanley Sweetheart made of?

The Classic STANLEY No. 4 Sweetheart™ Smoothing Bench Plane is made from extra thick, 1/8 in. A2 steel for excellent edge retention, with a one-piece base and frog. Norris-type adjuster with lateral locking feature, and adjustable throat plate.

What year did Stanley introduce the sweatheart?

1920 The new SW (sweatheart) logo is introduced to symbolize the merger of the STANLEY Rule & Level Company and the STANLEY Works. This was used on hand plane untill 1935. 1922 The Bailey #5 1/4 is introduced. 1924 Handyman line introduced. 1924 The first “Four Square” was introduced. These were dropped and resurected in 1934.

What makes Morgan Stanley a great place to work?

Since 2006 our employees have contributed over 2.1 million hours of volunteer work during our annual Global Volunteer Month—that equates to 240 years of donated time and effort to help the communities we call home across the globe. It’s just one more reason why Morgan Stanley is such a special place to work. But don’t take my word for it.

How old is the Stanley Company?

In terms of the age of the company, Stanley is very old, as it was first created all the way back in 1843 by the Stanley cousins. Fred Stanley created The Stanley Works in 1843, and Henry Stanley created The Stanley Rule and Level Company in 1857.

Which is better DeWalt or Stanley?

Stanley is well known for its huge selection of high-quality hand tools and therefore you can rest assured that Stanley has a much larger selection when compared to DeWalt. Which of the Two Brands Should You Choose?

Are Stanley Tools made in the USA?

Not only are Stanley’s hand tools very high in quality, but affordable too, which makes them extremely popular among people of all types, whether tradesmen, hobbyists, or DIYers. This brand does make some of its tools in Europe and in the USA, although at this time the majority of them are made in China.

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