Reddit dating pakistani

reddit dating pakistani

Are Pakistani women more likely to be lazy?

If married to a low class man then yes. But most of middle class Pakistani women more likely for being lazy, all cleaning jobs are done by their servants. Whisky Lover | 4 years ago | Reply LOL @ some of the comments on this article.

What is it like to be married in Pakistan?

pakone | 7 years ago | Reply Almost all my best friends are happily married with their wives and kids in Pakistan - they all live in a joint family system, the wives are all educated, smart, career women who go out with their friends (male and female) freely, and the most important thing they support each other.

Do Pakistani men have any shortcomings?

Besides, men from other countries and other cultures would also have shortcomings. Kiran Imam | 7 years ago haha exactly my thoughts - i was surprised to see that .. Naveed Razzaq | 7 years ago Yes, Pakistani men have their peculiar pros and cons...and the situation is not that much deplorable in fact!

Is it true that Pakistanis dont like to go out?

But thats not true at all. pakistani people are so flexible and they knows how to treat the people. Outing with boys are not common in pakistan but its deprbds on the culture.

Whats it like being a woman in Pakistan?

It only gets worse: about 27pc of Pakistani women have faced violence from their intimate partners, while only 51pc of women feel safe working alone at night in the city or the area that they live in. According to the index, only Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen are worse for women.

How many women are employed in Pakistan?

Only 24pc of Pakistani women are employed, while their share of seats in parliament stands at only 20pc.

How does Pakistan rank on the Global Gender Inclusion Index?

Of the 153 countries ranked for womens inclusion, justice and security, Pakistan was ranked at number 150, with the highest discrimination against women in the world and the lowest financial inclusion.

Why is there a social stigma around sex and sexuality in Pakistan?

Due to the social stigma surrounding sex and sexuality in Pakistan, there is very limited access to correct information on normal physiology, sexual and reproductive processes, and healthy and safe practices among the educated Pakistani women.”

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