Martinique dating

martinique dating

Is Martinique part of France?

As with the other overseas departments, Martinique is one of the eighteen regions of France (being an overseas region) and an integral part of the French Republic. As part of France, Martinique is part of the European Union, and its currency is the euro.

Who colonized Martinique first?

The island was occupied first by Arawaks, then by Caribs. The Carib people had migrated from the mainland to the islands about 1201 CE, according to carbon dating of artifacts. Martinique was charted by Columbus in 1493, but Spain had little interest in the territory.

How many people live in Martinique?

Martinique is also connected by other submarine cables: ECFS (en), Americas-2 (en) and Southern Caribbean Fiber. Martinique had a population of 385,551 as of January 2013. There are an estimated 260,000 people of Martinican origin living in mainland France, most of them in the Paris region.

What is the area code for Martinique?

The entire island uses a single area code (also 596) for landline phones and 696 for cell phones. (596 is dialled twice when calling a Martinique landline from another country.) There are three mobile telephone networks in Martinique: Orange, SFR Caraïbe and Digicel.

Is Martinique an independent country?

While ruling out full independence, which he said was desired neither by France nor by Martinique, Sarkozy offered Martiniquans a referendum on the islands future status and degree of autonomy. Like French Guiana, Martinique is a special collectivity (Unique in French) of the French Republic. It is also an outermost region of the European Union.

What does Martinique mean in French?

Martinique (/ ˌmɑːrtɪˈniːk / MAR-tin-EEK, French: [maʁtinik] (listen); Martinican Creole: Matinik or Matnik; Kalinago: Madinina or Madiana) is an island and an overseas department/region and single territorial collectivity of France.

What is Martinique like to live in?

Martinique, like nearby Guadeloupe, is an overseas “department” of France, meaning it is a formal part of the country, a status that helps create a higher standard of living here than in many other area islands.

What is the currency of Martinique?

As part of France, Martinique is part of the European Union, and its currency is the euro. The official language is French, and virtually the entire population also speaks Antillean Creole ( Créole Martiniquais ).

How to call Martinique phone numbers from another country?

The country code for Martinique is +596. This country code, along with the area code, is required to call a telephone number in Martinique from another country. Also an international dialing prefix, specific to the country from which you are calling, is to be added before Martinique country code while calling Martinique.

What is the currency of Martinique?

The currency of Martinique is the Euro. The nationality of Martinique is Martiniquais. No trunk codes in Martinique, just dial direct when calling domestic. Call Martinique with Rebtel - Get $10 in free calls now!

What is the capital of Martinique?

The capital of Martinique is Fort-de-France. Largest Cities in Martinique by population: Fort-de-France, Le Lamentin, Le Robert, Sainte-Marie, Le Francois, Ducos, Saint-Joseph, La Trinite, Riviere Pilote, Gros-Morne. Martinique Emergency Numbers. For an emergency in Martinique, dial the following numbers:

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