Sidewinder hook up problems

sidewinder hook up problems

Does the Sidewinder pinbox work on a flagstaff?

We have a 2010 Flagstaff with a Sidewinder pinbox that came with trailer. First of all it works. The problem is hooking it up and second it will not turn by hand. We have under 300 miles on it and have pulled it 5 times. Problem one. The first hitch was a Reese 15k Pro, it worked but would jam some of the time hooking and unhooking.

Where to get Sidewinder for rear trailer hitch?

We had a hell of a time once as truck was on a slope had to drive up on a board with rear truck wheels to un hitch. Call Reese tech center they also own sidewinder they are a lot of help.

How long does it take to turn a Sidewinder by hand?

I also cannot turn mine by hand, but my installer said I should be able to after it gets broken in. He said it will probably take 5 to 10K miles. We have a Sidewinder with somewhere between 10k and 15k miles on it. Never an issue to hook or unhook and I can turn mine by hand.

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