Tips on dating a greek guy

tips on dating a greek guy

Are You considering dating a Greek man?

If you are considering dating Greek men, it is important to have a little understanding of Greek culture, and the role of men and women in Greece. Living in Greece is a dream for many people. They fantasise about moving to a Greek island like Skopelos and living a life that rivals the plot of Mamma Mia.

What is it like to be in a relationship with Greece?

So being with a Greek person means you can be sure that you will have a good time. Drinks on a Monday or on a Tuesday are not unusual and a spontaneous night out with his/her friends is never out of the question. From family reunions to dining out with your partner’s best buddies, you will quickly understand what living the Greek life is.

What is it like to date in Greece?

In Greece however, it is not uncommon to go out with friends every day of the week. Even on random weeknights, coffee shops will be filled with friends catching up over freddo cappuccinos at 10 pm, and most restaurants and tavernas are open until as late as 2 am. In this regard, dating a laid back social Greek can feel like a breath of fresh air!

Why choose a Greek man or woman?

If you are a bit adventurous and like to keep things spicy, you are definitely off to a good start by finding yourself a Greek woman or man. Greek men love to be in charge so they can provide and take care of their families.

Is it possible to date Greek men in Greece?

It is just important to note that on the whole, Greece is a much more traditional country than say, the UK, or the USA. If you are interested in dating Greek men in Greece though, you should try and make a connection with someone who has either lived/studied outside of Greece or is extremely well-travelled.

Is it possible to find a Greek man?

You will eventually find a man , Greek or not, who will love you for who you are and dont want to be away from you at all. Its going to happen, but is hard and time consuming. But that applies with anything that we really value in life. So make sure in the mean time you have as much fun as you can with your search.

What is a Greek man like in a relationship?

If you are in a relationship with a Greek guy, be prepared for huge temper tantrums when your guy would rage about how the world and all the gods are conspiring to pull him down – he may even smash a couple of things and kick around the furniture for good measure.

What is it like to have a Greek boyfriend?

If you go from boyfriend to boyfriend, or fling to fling, you easily loose your good reputation. Greek men, on the other hand, are allowed more freedom. Most, but not all, Greek men love a good party and some good old fashioned Greek dancing at certain celebrations.

Home to the all important erotas (love, passion, romance) Greece is a land that comes alive at night, where no one who’s anyone goes out before midnight, nor to bed before dawn. Working in Silicon Valley and can’t find a date? Come to Greece!

Why do Greek men date Greek women?

Greek men date Greek women for the most part to have something in common to say with their partners they are hard men . Greek women have both physical and inner beauty they are some of the most educated European women after all and most hardworking

Why are Greek women so strong?

That said Greek women are very strong, maybe it comes from the rugged nature we inhabit or maybe it comes from having a father who always said,“ you are equal if not better then my sons, achieve!” Greek men understand why we talk with our hands, how we are firm yet loving, that loyalty to family comes first and are not threatened by it.

What do Greek men like in a woman?

Greek men love to be in charge so they can provide and take care of their families. They will not be against having a partner that works, as nowadays, two salaries are better than one, but they also appreciate a woman who takes care of her home and children.

Why pursue a Greek man?

We are to pursue a Greek man in order to get married and raise our future family within the Greek Orthodox Faith. Struggle, hardship and unnecessary challenge are associated with settling down with anyone who is not Greek.

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