Dating scandinavia reddit

dating scandinavia reddit

Do you want to date a Scandinavian?

- Thyra Dane So You Want to Date a Scandinavian? I have been contacted by more than one person wanting to date Scandinavian people or even marry one of us. My reply? Tough luck! Because Scandinavians don’t date. We hardly even have a word for it.

Is it awkward to date in Sweden?

Dating in Sweden just isnt there culturally as it exists in other parts of this world. Of course its awkward as every swede that I know of equates dating to what weve seen in Hollywood fliks and/or tv-shows.

What is it like to live with a Scandinavian woman?

So as a man, living with a Scandinavian woman, you are not expected to feed the family all by yourself. And as a woman, living with a Scandinavian man, you will not be doing all the laundry or picking up the kids from kindergarten every day.

What is it like to date a Nordic woman?

Having said that, Nordic women share a lot of similar traits — generally speaking, at least. Flirting doesn’t come naturally to many people in this part of the world, and you can expect your conversations to be direct. Equality is arguably the most essential cornerstone in each Scandinavian society.

What is it like to date in Scandinavia?

We Scandinavians are a tricky people – something we probably have to be because we don’t have the fine rules of dating that you do in your country. We may rely on alcohol to be able to make the first move but just as often we tend to become friends with the person we really-really like. And we can become close friends too.

Is there a word for ‘dating’ in Scandinavian?

We may not have good words for ‘dating’ but we certainly have a great word for that spouse-without-a-wedding-ring we have back home: “samboer.” Which means “together-liver.” And yes, that word works better in Scandinavian.

Why don’t male Scandinavians date?

Because male Scandinavians over 25 are rarely afraid of relationships if only someone would take the first step. We don’t drive to and from dates. Well, we’ve established that we don’t date at all but we also don’t use our cars if we go out. That is not an absolute truth, of course.

Is it difficult to date Swedish women?

Still, some aspects of dating Swedish women are challenging for foreigners. Not only is Nordic culture different to what you might be used to, the current social climate might turn out to be completely unlike what you expected. Read on to learn how to meet, impress, and date your Swedish crush. No complications allowed!

What is it like to date a Norwegian woman?

Also, the living standard is quite high, so foreign men do not get the gold diggers. You can think of that as something positive. At least if she likes you, she likes you for you. Which brings me to… Norwegians are not like Russian women, who are often very coy. There are few nations that are as no-BS about dating as Norwegians.

Do Scandinavian women like to date foreigners?

Some Scandinavian women enjoy dating foreigners, and others don’t mind whether they’re with someone from the same country as them or somewhere else. Others prefer to be with someone a little more similar to them. Most Scandinavian women won’t automatically reject you because you’re a foreigner.

Are Nordic women good for relationships?

Both men and women are expected to work, and when it comes to a romantic relationship, you’ll need to cooperate if you want things to last. If you want someone to clean up after you and cook your meals, you’re better off steering clear of Nordic women.

What is it like to date a Swede?

It was a very insightful and enlightening conversation. I would definitely say advice to dating a Swede (I have also dated a Swede), or a Norwegian, or any foreigner for that matter. You have to keep an open mind, and you cannot project your country’s views of dating or dating expectations on the relationship.

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